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Friday, 22 January 2016

RESERVED - VoyagesOfSinbad

Sinbad is from our homebred mating of TASSEL and TREATS both great examples of the breed, and from really good lines.  Another lovely male kitten, who has flourished into a great solid well built boy.  His muzzle is superb, and the markings on his coat speak for themselves.  Sinbad, has gooseberry green eyes that are soulful....a lovely length naturally short tail, and overall he just keeps getting wilder looking everyday day.

He is very inquisitive and just like a real adventurer, so every nook and cranny will be explored if you'll let him.  Such a stunning looking lad, will no doubt be the talk of the town, and he really loves the attention.  Happy to receive as many cuddles as you can offer, and give back buckets of love, affection and devotion.
We are finally posting an update, for someone to offer Sinbad a wonderful home.  I think you'll agree he would be a great addition.  Please contact us, if you wish to reserve this amazing chap.

Baby Sinbad

Jr. Sinbad
Teen Sinbad

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Totallycoastal Cats UK said...

SINBAD has now been reserved.