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Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Proven Stud/Top Quality Pet
Jenson has already given us a suberb litter.  So much so, we now have superb next generation for our program, and Jenson is now available for purchase as a stud, or knowing he did a good job take early retirement as a castrate pet.   

Please contact us if you would be interested in having him as an addition to your life and/or program.

UPDATE - Our Current Available Cats and Kittens

Everything we have for adoption/purchase is advertised via Pets4Homes, please CLICK HERE to view all TOTALLYCOASTAL CATS UK Pixiebob Cat and Kitten Availability.  If you would like to be added to our waiting list, or to discuss an available cat/kitten please email or call Kelly now on (+441843 571069/+447768 088409).

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Update - New Companies on WE RECOMMEND

I have recently added two very exciting companies producing superb handcrafted products.  Both are personalised unique quality gifts to your best friends and family 4 legged and 2.  

Firstly Kritter Kradles fantastic pet furniture with personalised finishing options, and secondly Tara Epps Fine Art, captures any subject to the finest detail.  Working from high quality picture, a forever lasting moment captured in the most amazing hand drawn portraits.

So go to our We Recommend page, and start planning your Christmas and Birthday gifts in advance for everyone, a while you're there stock up on some essentials too. 

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

PB Kitten/Cat Waiting List

We currently have available kittens.  A kitten can be reserved in advance of its arrival if you wish to guarantee you won't miss out.  

These Spring/Summer litters incorporate the following traits,  one litter (Jenson x Maple) will contain SH/LH kittens and there is an expectation for a percentage of these to have poly feet.  Another litter (Declan x Rochelle) will contain only SH kittens and again an expectation for a percentage of these to have poly feet.  The last litter (Treats x Tassel) for this season has a likelihood of both SH and LH kittens and all of these to have regular feet.

The Autumn/Winter litters incorporate the following traits,  one litter (Treats x Leigh) will contain only LH kittens all straight footed.  Another litter (Jenson x Sweetie) will potentially contain LH/SH kittens all straight footed.  The last litter (Buck x Blot) for this season has a likelihood of both SH and LH kittens and a percentage of these to have poly feet.

Please visit our website to see the profiles of our males and females. Visit Our Fb Page for the latest updates TOTALLYCOASTALCATS.PAGE, Email Us or Call 01843 571069 to add yourself to Our List.

Some of Our Previous Kittens


Saturday, 23 January 2016

MISSED ME! - SINBAD (Totallycoastal VoyagesOf Sinbad)

Available now, contact us if you feel your life would not be complete without this lad.


A TOTALLYCOASTAL slide show of this lad so to you see a few more gorgeous pictures.

This kitten is available if you think he is totally irresistable then please contact us to arrange a viewing.


Just watch how the cutest kitten ever has turned into an amazing male Pixiebob.
CUPID (TOTALLYCOASTAL StormInATeacup) is now available.

Also features relatives of this amazing boy.

Friday, 22 January 2016

RESERVED - Gullivers Travels

Gulliver is also from our homebred mating of TASSEL and TREATS both great examples of the breed, and from really good lines.  A "Chunky Monkey", Gulliver is the really heavy boned lad in the litter.  As expected he has a well defined brow, strong profile, and superb muzzle.  His eyes are Amber in colour, which enhances this wild look even further.   The coat has the perfect wildcat ticking, that really thick stand-off texture we desire, and tops all of these super traits, with a natural bobcat length tail.  Being pretty impressive already, I have high hopes for this kittens appearance as an Adult.

Very quiet in his nature and any communication is chirrups only, he simply doesn't meow (or at least he hasn't decided to).  In contrast he is very independant, energetic and extremely playful.  He may as well be wearing blinkers when he playing with toys, nothing distracts him.  Happy to wear himself out with a good play work-out,  he'll happily take time-out watching the world go by, or lounge around being pampered.  

We are finally posting an update, for someone to offer him an active home.  I think you'll agree he is a handsome young man.  Please contact us, if you wish to reserve Gullivers Travels and enjoy lifes journey together.

Baby Gulliver

Chunky Monkey Gulliver

Playful Gulliver

Gorgeous Gulliver

RESERVED - VoyagesOfSinbad

Sinbad is from our homebred mating of TASSEL and TREATS both great examples of the breed, and from really good lines.  Another lovely male kitten, who has flourished into a great solid well built boy.  His muzzle is superb, and the markings on his coat speak for themselves.  Sinbad, has gooseberry green eyes that are soulful....a lovely length naturally short tail, and overall he just keeps getting wilder looking everyday day.

He is very inquisitive and just like a real adventurer, so every nook and cranny will be explored if you'll let him.  Such a stunning looking lad, will no doubt be the talk of the town, and he really loves the attention.  Happy to receive as many cuddles as you can offer, and give back buckets of love, affection and devotion.
We are finally posting an update, for someone to offer Sinbad a wonderful home.  I think you'll agree he would be a great addition.  Please contact us, if you wish to reserve this amazing chap.

Baby Sinbad

Jr. Sinbad
Teen Sinbad

RESERVED - Cupid Pictures PB Male (Stud) for Program


Where it all began:  He was born on Valentines day during some pretty wild weather, so we needed a pedigree name and shortened call name, that was befitting to that memorable night he arrived in the world.  Hence forth he was given the name TOTALLYCOASTAL STORM IN A TEACUP, aka CUPID.

Never before has a naming been so fitting. Since that day the cutest kitten ever has turned into quite the macho man.  We kept this boy under evaluation, to see if he would flourish into a super quality male.  His expression just kept getting wilder as each day passed by, and now befitting of his moody pedigree name. With his calm, loving and gentle quiet nature, he still fits his call name perfectly.

We were so pleased with this lad, we at first decided to keep him for ourselves.  Eventually we had to let our head over rule our hearts desire, because Cupid did not have enough future females for him here.  So we finally posting a photo update, for potential breeding program elsewhere.  I think you'll agree he would be an asset, once youve seen the updated photos below.

Cupid is of course from our homebred cats BUCK and SWEETIE.  I will be repeating this mating again in future, and fingers crossed we have more super typey examples available.

So without further delay, I present the stunning boy, now 11 months old.

If you are interested in pets, breeders and/or show cats from TOTALLYCOASTAL, please contact us via email with your requirements and contact details, and we'd be happy to discuss adding you to our waiting list or offer you an existing perfect match.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Update - Cat University

You can never know enough about cats, right?  Well there's just the place to convert your existing knowledge and expand on it, obtaining genuine qualifications at the TICA University.  So if you want to learn more about cats, (behaviour, husbandary, genetics or something else) visit and enroll.

No, I'm not a Pixiebob, but I am a Freshman!

Update - Join Our Social Media Circle!

Love Pixie-bobs?  Be part of our "TCUK Pixiebob" world.   YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and RSS feed, blog subscription are offered for you to stay in touch with us and our followers.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Update - New ways to pay

TOTALLYCOASTAL CATS is a non-profit cattery.  All proceeds (from purchases of our cats and kittens)  go to fund the running of the cattery, cats health and care, and further development of the breed through our program.

We regularly use the companies listed below to purchase cattery items and supplies.

These suppliers offer gift certificates on their own websites or via Amazon.  It seemed logical to accept GIFT CERTIFICATES (purchused for totallycoastal) from these suppliers as a method of payment*.  This offers an additional flexiblity, particularly for credit/debit card and international payments, without the hassle and handling charges you may have incurred.

If you are interested in using GIFT CERTIFICATES to make your balance payment(s), please let us know when you make your enquiry.  Once this has been agreed, simply click on the above links to access the gift certificate/card pages.

*GIFT CERTIFICATES are available as an additional method of balance payment.  A cash payment is still required for your initial deposit, as this covers registrations, administration, and vet costs.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Competition Time - Kitten Naming Day, Enter Now

This competition is now closed
Congratulation to Joanne Skinner, Dee Cheeseman and Mr R. Tyler
your names are going to be used for our 2016 litters!!

We want to hear from you!

Our Next Naming Day(s) will use the WINNING NAMES for a kittens Pedigree Name and Nickname.
  • Just simply call our message line 0844 68 69 829
  • Say upto 3 Nautical/Seaside Themed Names*
  • Followed by your name.
e.g. Shiver Me Timbers (AKA Timber), name Mr M. Smith 

  • Remember, if you don't leave your name you can be credited for you idea.
  • You can enter as many times as you like, to increase your chance of having 1 or more of your names choosen.  
  • If you have more than 3 great names, then these must be grouped in 3's and left in separate messages. 

Friday, 1 May 2015

Photo Update - Son of Totallycoastal Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger's Son
We sent our homebred boy Totallycoastal Jolly Roger (aka Joe) to Gege in France in 2012, and he has been a great success in her Pixiebob Program. 

This wonderful picture, and great example of the breed, was a mating to Baby (Foresthunters Northern Dancer) and our boy Joe (in the background), it appears this mating was a match made in heaven, simply sublime. 

Stud Boy - Seaside Retreat (Treats)

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Future Stud - Totallycoastal StormInATeacup (CUPID)

PB Boy very loving and playful lad, just wants to devote himself to his new family and smoother them with his Pixiebob Charms.  A strong wild expression, but a big softie at heart, Cupid would make and ideal addition to any family or program.


Friday, 6 March 2015

Photo Update - Totallycoastal MythsNLegends (Legend)

Legend attended the Swanley Show on Friday the 6th, in the kitten class.  Here are a few pictures of her in her own penning area, waiting to be called.  

She is a longhaired girl, from Leigh and Leon, and is staying here at Totallycoastal as a future queen for us.