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Sunday, 30 June 2019

Ancestors - Totallycoastal The Coastguard (aka Little G)

Little G sired one litter here, before moving to pastures new to continue a Stud Boy career in Sweden.  This is his photo shoot before he left us, at around 7.5-8 months old.

Owners Update - Cheri’s Workout now available

We were sent this some time ago, and I forgot to post it.  

Anyway, here’s TOTALLYCOASTAL PALE SHERRY (aka Cheri) enjoying a her new social media exposure, where she is showing us her new Fitness program.

This link will take you to Twitter to watch it.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Photo Update - Totallycoastal Elizabeth Swann (Eliza)

Photo Update - Totallycoastal Jack Sparrow (Jack)

Photo Update - Totallycoastal StickOfRock (sweetie)

Photo Update - Totallycoastal I 💗 bodyboarding (Buddy)

Ancestors - Totallycoastal A League (Leigh)

Photo Update - Madeleine the legend (Maddie)

Maddie was a normal Domestic Shorthait tabby kitten found advertised on Pets4Home in Essex.  The mother which I saw was a leggy classic tabby cat.  The litter appeared to have been sired by 2 different cats.  One must have been a classis tabby with significant white markings to the legs and face.  They second sure must have been a mackerel tabby void of white.  Beyond that I know nothing at all about the origins of this litter.  Anyway needless to say when I saw this little girl with the wide muzzle and good headshape I thought she was perfect to start a new bloodline with.  I o1T’d her through TICA as a DSH to use in PB program and called her MADELINE THE LEGEND known as Maddie for short.  

Photo Update- Totallycoastal I saw three ships (Carol)

Photo Update - Vuren volle laag (aka Boomer)