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We'd like to say Thank-You, for visiting and taking an interest in Our Website, Blogspot and more importantly Our Cats. Spread the word of the Pixie-bob, so all can know of it wonder!

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Social Media Access Latest News and Photo Updates

We predominantly use social media to post Photos, Owners Updates and list our available kittens.  We use both Facebook and Instagram.  Simply look for accounts Totallycoastalcatsuk on Either/both of these platforms.  

We also have waiting list accounts specifically to register interest in current or future availability, by liking this account on Facebook/Instagram (TCUKwaitinglist/totallycoastalcats_waitinglist) you are adding yourself to our waiting list, and we’ll be in touch to ascertain when you’d like a pixiebob and what type you’re looking for.  Or you can send us a private message from either of these accounts telling us your requirements and about the home you’re offering.

You can of course use the traditional method of clicking the Waiting List link or Contact Us menu option on our website, which will launch an email to us.

Friday, 22 November 2019


We have pixiebob cats and kittens available.  Please visit our cattery Facebook Page by clicking on the above tab “OUR FACEBOOK” and view the albums entitled AVAILABLE!!!  

You’ll see the latest photos of all our availability.  You do not have to have a Facebook account to view the album.

Alternatively click below, chose “Photos” to see albums and choose AVAILABLE!!!

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Ancestors - Totallycoastal The Coastguard (aka Little G)

Little G sired one litter here, before moving to pastures new to continue a Stud Boy career in Sweden.  This is his photo shoot before he left us, at around 7.5-8 months old.

Owners Update - Cheri’s Workout now available

We were sent this some time ago, and I forgot to post it.  

Anyway, here’s TOTALLYCOASTAL PALE SHERRY (aka Cheri) enjoying a her new social media exposure, where she is showing us her new Fitness program.

This link will take you to Twitter to watch it.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Photo Update - Totallycoastal Elizabeth Swann (Eliza)

Photo Update - Totallycoastal Jack Sparrow (Jack)

Photo Update - Totallycoastal StickOfRock (sweetie)

Photo Update - Totallycoastal I 💗 bodyboarding (Buddy)

Ancestors - Totallycoastal A League (Leigh)

Photo Update - Madeleine the legend (Maddie)

Maddie was a normal Domestic Shorthait tabby kitten found advertised on Pets4Home in Essex.  The mother which I saw was a leggy classic tabby cat.  The litter appeared to have been sired by 2 different cats.  One must have been a classis tabby with significant white markings to the legs and face.  They second sure must have been a mackerel tabby void of white.  Beyond that I know nothing at all about the origins of this litter.  Anyway needless to say when I saw this little girl with the wide muzzle and good headshape I thought she was perfect to start a new bloodline with.  I o1T’d her through TICA as a DSH to use in PB program and called her MADELINE THE LEGEND known as Maddie for short.  

Photo Update- Totallycoastal I saw three ships (Carol)