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Friday, 22 January 2016

RESERVED - Gullivers Travels

Gulliver is also from our homebred mating of TASSEL and TREATS both great examples of the breed, and from really good lines.  A "Chunky Monkey", Gulliver is the really heavy boned lad in the litter.  As expected he has a well defined brow, strong profile, and superb muzzle.  His eyes are Amber in colour, which enhances this wild look even further.   The coat has the perfect wildcat ticking, that really thick stand-off texture we desire, and tops all of these super traits, with a natural bobcat length tail.  Being pretty impressive already, I have high hopes for this kittens appearance as an Adult.

Very quiet in his nature and any communication is chirrups only, he simply doesn't meow (or at least he hasn't decided to).  In contrast he is very independant, energetic and extremely playful.  He may as well be wearing blinkers when he playing with toys, nothing distracts him.  Happy to wear himself out with a good play work-out,  he'll happily take time-out watching the world go by, or lounge around being pampered.  

We are finally posting an update, for someone to offer him an active home.  I think you'll agree he is a handsome young man.  Please contact us, if you wish to reserve Gullivers Travels and enjoy lifes journey together.

Baby Gulliver

Chunky Monkey Gulliver

Playful Gulliver

Gorgeous Gulliver

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