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Friday, 22 January 2016

RESERVED - Cupid Pictures PB Male (Stud) for Program


Where it all began:  He was born on Valentines day during some pretty wild weather, so we needed a pedigree name and shortened call name, that was befitting to that memorable night he arrived in the world.  Hence forth he was given the name TOTALLYCOASTAL STORM IN A TEACUP, aka CUPID.

Never before has a naming been so fitting. Since that day the cutest kitten ever has turned into quite the macho man.  We kept this boy under evaluation, to see if he would flourish into a super quality male.  His expression just kept getting wilder as each day passed by, and now befitting of his moody pedigree name. With his calm, loving and gentle quiet nature, he still fits his call name perfectly.

We were so pleased with this lad, we at first decided to keep him for ourselves.  Eventually we had to let our head over rule our hearts desire, because Cupid did not have enough future females for him here.  So we finally posting a photo update, for potential breeding program elsewhere.  I think you'll agree he would be an asset, once youve seen the updated photos below.

Cupid is of course from our homebred cats BUCK and SWEETIE.  I will be repeating this mating again in future, and fingers crossed we have more super typey examples available.

So without further delay, I present the stunning boy, now 11 months old.

If you are interested in pets, breeders and/or show cats from TOTALLYCOASTAL, please contact us via email with your requirements and contact details, and we'd be happy to discuss adding you to our waiting list or offer you an existing perfect match.

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