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We'd like to say Thank-You, for visiting and taking an interest in Our Website, Blogspot and more importantly Our Cats. Spread the word of the Pixie-bob, so all can know of it wonder!

Our Experiment

We terminated Our Experiment, as we did not get the results we were hoping for in our 1st and 2nd Generation (B3N) litters.  All cats and kittens have been homed as altered pets, and this line has not been continued....

But for reference here is the story of the Experiment.

Stray Sophie

Poppy and Buster are now placed. 
This litter was intentional, which may surprise you.  We took a leap of faith and a bold step or trying to O1T a cat, that does not originate from USA.
It is an experimentation, to bring in new bloodlines (which I discussed with the breed committee in USA before trying).  Sophie was a stray and taken in, got well, blood tested and vaccinated.  She is residing at someone elses house who is helping me with this trial.  Once we knew she was in optimum health, I put her to one of Our Stud boys, Ollie. 
You can O1T any cat  into a Pixiebob program if they resemble the breed.  Some refer to O1T cats as Legend Cats, but not all O1T cats are considered a Legend Cat.  They are strays in USA, that are taken in for their appearance and behaviour.  Taking this in to account, I asked the committee if they thought I could take in this stray Sophie. I wanted to make sure everyone thought she was close enough to our breed standard to make her worthy.  She certainly had more Pixiebob like behaviour than any regular moggy I ever knew.  In fact, if she was already in a Pixiebob cattery somewhere I would not single her out as being different in anyway at all.  

Sophie showing off muzzle.
I was actually amazed when I got a majority vote, as I had convinced myself I'd be shot down in flames for suggesting a Stray outside of the USA could be considered for O1T.... but thanks to all who backed me.  So to O1T, a cat must have unknown origin within 3 generations of their parentage.  Sophie has no known origins in any generation so qualifies, and I think you'll agree she has a lot of the Pixiebob Longhair traits.  Just look at that side profile and wide muzzle.

O1T process involves getting 3 judges to agree the kitten/cat is of quality to use in a program.  If this is granted, they by default are registered as a Pixiebob and any offspring can be registered as a Pixiebob too.  I will only be using Sophie for 1 mating, and the O1T proces has actually been removed as an option on the basis of available qualified judges, willing to complete an assessment. 

So it made sense to instead register Sophie with TICA as a DLH for use in a PB program.  Her litter has also been registered now and I have received the documentation for both litter and Dam.  This means I cannot show any offspring for 4 generations, until they obtain SBT or SBV prefixes.  Which to be honest is the exact same process for an O1T cat.  Even with an O1T agreed cat, the cat/kitten is registered as a Pixiebob immediately, but still cannot compete. 

In both cases, as each generation is known, the number or letter increments, for example if Sophie herself had been O1T'd.  Her Offspring would be O2T Pixiebobs, and their offspring O3T Pixiebobs. Offspring after this would lose the O status and replaced with SBT or SBV, and be allowed to compete in shows.  With the A prefix, the letter increments to B and C and then also becomes SBV or SBT.

Bobtail Boy,  Kidd
We can still officially use the bobtail kitten in a Breeding program whether it is O1 or A2, which is under different rulings (of an unauthorise outcross) and gives A, B, C prefixes on the registeration.  This has already been done by several PB breeders so it's nothing taboo.  This is of course is based on if he cuts the mustard, when he is old enough. 

All kittens born, will not be considered Full Pedigree Pixiebobs for 4 Generations they with be half, three quarters and then finally full.  Once you get to C prefix any offsprings from this line will also be SBT or SBV, and it as this point they can acclaim the Pixiebob breed on their certificate and can also be shown.

If he has something special, we believe this would still be worth while task which ever route is taken;  If he doesnt aspire to what we hoped, then we will also be looking for a pet home for this boy without using him. 
Longtail Boy, Edward T.
The 2 remaining half pixiebob kittens are now placed altered pets, 1 longtailed boy (Edward T) and 1 longtailed girl (Bonny/Poppet).  All are Brown (Black) Spotted Tabbies and virtually indistiguishable from the full Pixiebob as you can see from the pictures.  

This was of course  hoped and expected (providing no strange wild cards showed themselves, being that Sophie is of unknown origin, it was a risk).  Sophie (even though she is a Domestic Longhair, or maybe a secret Pixiebob) resembles a Longhaired Pixiebob, we often wonder what her background is, but we will never know, she is an Enigma, just the same as any Legend cat. 

If I were in USA and I found Sophie, I would not have hestitated in trying to get this girl judged for an O1T Pixiebob, and use her in my program for a couple of years.  However I did not find her, and the person who did wishes her to be spayed after just one litter, which of course I must respect.

Anyway, after being given the thumbs up to try her, I paired her with Ollie and I think the resulting litter was a success for these 3 bumper babies.  All of these kittens are with their mother Sophie, and so are not staying at Totallycoastal. 
Longtailed Girl, Bonney
As these are cross pedigrees will are looking to place the remaining kittens are already neutered, before placement. Also previously mentioned, the bobtail boy (Kidd) is under evaluation for use in our program, so is not available.

If you're wondering where these names came from.  We still opted for nautical themed names, and named them after Pirates of the Carribbean.  Not the box office movies, but real pirates that plundered goods from trading ships in the Carribean waters. 

Anne Bonney was one of very few female pirates; Captain Kidd originally was a good fellow, but got more money in turning bad and became a pirate; and finally Edward Teach who is more well known as Blackbeard.  The pictures shown here are at 1 week old.  The kittens were born in mid-June, and have changed a lot since these were taken.  

If you scroll down further within this post, you'll see more pictures of these kittens as they have matured over the weeks.  At 6 weeks old, huge and looking even more gorgeous as each week passes, also doesn't mum look a picture of health since she was taken in. 

The pictures of her above were taken when she was just visiting for some food and still a stray.   I think you'll agree Sophie is looking a lot happier with her permenant home, and her babies have come on leaps and bounds.  Anyway enough of the explanations.  Lets show some more pictures of this experimental litter.

Now 6 weeks old.

Markings have developed really nicely, this is the Longtailed Boy facing us.

Two Boys (Kidd and Edward T) having dinner break!

Edward T and Sister Bonny, having a catnap.

Bobtail Boy, Kidd stretching his legs.
Its been a few weeks now since I last posted anything about Sophies litter.  However, the 2 kittens I am not keeping (Bonny and Edward T) have found a home together.  They have various nicknames from the slippery twins to Buster and Poppy... Edward T is fondly called Buster because of the amount of food he puts away... and Bonny is known called Poppy/Poppet because her spots in places are actually rosette like, and look just like Poppies and shes a tad smaller than her brother.  Even Captain Kidd has not escaped the nicknames and often called Bobby for obvious reasons.  Anyway now for some photos.
Sophie with her Trio
(Left to Right) Edward T, Captain Kidd and Bonny

Bumper Size Babies

As you can see Edward T is the biggest on the left hence his nickname Buster.
In the Middle in both size and situation is our hopeful Captain Kidd or Bobby depending on if his naughty or not.
Finally on the right having a wash is the only girl Bonny also called Poppy.

I see Sophie the Girl very much, but a shorthaired version.

In the 2 boys, I see Ollie but also their Grandfather Marley.

The Latest Update of Anne Bonney (aka Poppet) and Edward Teach (aka Buster) is quite startling.  They are Big, Bold and Wild looking.  I have been very lax in getting updates of Captain Kidd, which I must address very soon.   I do have pictures to post of Buster and Poppet, but unfortunately you'll have to wait until the weekend when I have time to post them.  I hope by that time I'd have got some of Bobby too!  I can assure you they are every bit, worth the waiting.

We have all 3 kittens now at Totallycoastal.  Poppet and Buster will be going to their new home on the 5th January, and Bobby will be staying here to continue the experiment as a breeding cat.