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We'd like to say Thank-You, for visiting and taking an interest in Our Website, Blogspot and more importantly Our Cats. Spread the word of the Pixie-bob, so all can know of it wonder!

We Recommend

Over the past years of breeding and showing pixiebobs I have acquired quite a few Names and Numbers of Companies selling fantastic Products.  These range from Animal Husbandry items through to Show Cages and Grooming tools.  I hope this page will provide you with some very big savings financially, show you wonderful products you may never have come across, and of course save you valuable time hunting for these things.

Amazon UK  Our first port of call is of course  We can stock-up on every supply, to care for our cats and the maintenance of our cattery.  Not to mention advertising materials, books and things for our cats when we attend show.  They Offer Gift Vouchers Here Too, which we now accept as payment!

We have a nifty little gadget that is plugged into Amazon, which shows you our current favourite products from them and the vast array of companies through them.  The top 10 lists below and will change regularly, and new lists compiled - so check it each time, for a new discovery or recommendation. 

Amazon aside, here are a few of our other favourite companies we regular use, and we are just passing on all Our Knowledge!

Other Favourite Companies

Kritter Kradle  This company sells super handmade Unique Stylish Pet Beds, each bed is designed and handcrafted by my good friend, and I know these beds a super quality.  I think you should visit, and check them out for yourself.

Tara Epps Fine Art  Life-like, accurate drawings that embrace the spirit of their subjects. A uniquely special idea to capture your special friends forever.. Makes a puurrrrfect gift to yourself, friends or family.

SPH Supplies  This company sells ALL animal husbandry things, especially very good ranges of Cat Safe Cleaning Products.  But also for some General Household good too, and bulk buys can give you a huge saving.  They Offer Gift Vouchers Here Too, which we now accept as payment!

ZooPlus  I love ZooPlus, especially my cat and kitten food; The dog beds, which are great for huge male pixiebobs and mums with growing kittens. They have such a range of EVERYTHING that you'll be spoilt for choice. You can earn loyalty points which over time enables you to get free gifts..  They are practical free gifts from a Point Shop, so you get to choose what free gift you have. Even Cat Trees can be saved for... or smaller items like toy mice.  Another plus is delivery is free if you order over £19.00.  There are not many places that offer free delivery and normally exclude bulky items from an offer (i.e Sacks of litter, food or Show Cages).  Zooplus extend this offer to all its products as long as you spend over the £19.00.  If you spend under this amount postage is the cheapest I've found at £2.99.  The only down side to ZooPlus is you cannot arrange delivery days with them... it arrives when it arrives, they do indicate when it is dispatche and a guideline delivery date.  They are happy to leave with a neighbour or deliver to an alternative address, so I find this works well for me. 
Vet UK  This Company is Ideal for Pills, Potions and Lotions.  WORMERS and FLEA treatments are cheaper here and there's a good selection.  Also things like specialist food for Weaning, Sick Animals, Sensative eatters etc. Even foods, supplements and other products for anxiety.   I use them regularly for my weaning products, and parasite treatments.

Denes  This Company is Ideal for Herbal, Homeopathic and Natural Petcare.  I mainly use them for food supplements and keeping a stock of commonly used homeopathic products.

PetNap  This Company has some great heated pet beds which would appeal to any customer.   Besides their range of heated beds they have a really good comprehensive selection of supplies for Breeding. 
Helios Homoeopathy   The longer I've been breeding, and talking to veterans of 20-30+ years of doing the same... The more I've realised that holistic and homeopathic ways are very affective.  This company has great kits with all the essential remedies.  Plus an informative book to explain what to use and when.  By having a selection of remedies at home, whilst travelling, you can be prepared for most situations.  Animals respond well to homeopathy and prescribing for minor ailments and injuries is straightforward.