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We'd like to say Thank-You, for visiting and taking an interest in Our Website, Blogspot and more importantly Our Cats. Spread the word of the Pixie-bob, so all can know of it wonder!

Pay via Gift Card

TOTALLYCOASTAL CATS is a non-profit cattery.  All proceeds (from purchases of our cats and kittens)  go to fund the running of the cattery, cats health and care, and further development of the breed through our program.

We regularly use the companies listed below to purchase cattery items and supplies.
If you are interested in using GIFT CERTIFICATES/CARDS to make your balance payment(s), please let us know when you make your enquiry.  Once this has been agreed, simply purchase Giftcards to the appropiate amount, making us the recipient, and away you go.

Amazon's certificates are listed below, the links for the remaining companies (in this list, offering accepted gift certificates) can be found via our WE RECOMMEND tab.

*GIFT CERTIFICATES are available as an additional method of balance payment.  A cash payment is still required for your initial deposit, as this covers registrations, administration, and vet costs.

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Kelly McGlasson said...

AMAZON: THE DOWNLOAD AND PRINT GIFTCARD, allows you to input an exact amount upto 1000GBP, and a message (kitten/cats name). This can be printed to a PDF and emailed OR physically printed, scanned and emailed. You retain the original for your record of payment, we get the email version. ALL other AMAZON GIFTCARD options send us a physical giftcard by post.

SPH: Allow you to print a gift certifcates.

ZOOPLUS: I believe email an eGIFTCARD, and may have an option to alternatively send a physical giftcard in the post but I may need to check this on their website.