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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Update - New ways to pay

TOTALLYCOASTAL CATS is a non-profit cattery.  All proceeds (from purchases of our cats and kittens)  go to fund the running of the cattery, cats health and care, and further development of the breed through our program.

We regularly use the companies listed below to purchase cattery items and supplies.

These suppliers offer gift certificates on their own websites or via Amazon.  It seemed logical to accept GIFT CERTIFICATES (purchused for totallycoastal) from these suppliers as a method of payment*.  This offers an additional flexiblity, particularly for credit/debit card and international payments, without the hassle and handling charges you may have incurred.

If you are interested in using GIFT CERTIFICATES to make your balance payment(s), please let us know when you make your enquiry.  Once this has been agreed, simply click on the above links to access the gift certificate/card pages.

*GIFT CERTIFICATES are available as an additional method of balance payment.  A cash payment is still required for your initial deposit, as this covers registrations, administration, and vet costs.

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